How to measure value


The economic struggle makes Scrum at Scale into a money-factor. While doing projects you have to consider what features actually have business value. But value isn’t only a questions of making money. There are other factors that are linked indirectly to money. Or that are even not at all connected to it.
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Scrum in higher education (Part III): What I’ve learnt from working with Scrum

Scrum in higher education 3

I let my Students at a University of Applied Sciences work with Scrum for one semester. My learning is, that you can apply Scrum in very different contexts, because its simple rules make self-organization feasible and the transparency gives a good bases for communication.
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Cross-Functional Teams and Diversity


Reading about agile, self-organizing teams I often think that diversity isn’t understood to its full potential. The Scrum Guide states that teams have to be cross-functional in order to „have all competencies needed to accomplish the work“ (Schwaber & Sutherland, 2016, p. 5). Most of the time „the work“ is addressed to be software development and testing. Diverse teams can do a lot more than that, as Management 3.0 suggests. But what is diversity?
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What stings sticks


[Deutsche Zusammenfassung] When do you really and consciously change? Willingly? I change willingly when I unexpectedly detect something I do that hinders me. Within a second I realize a pattern, that before was hiding in a blind spot and from that moment on I am uncomfortable with it. Detecting such things and overcome them makes me more efficient and effective because I stop to impede myself. How could we implement such reflection into everyday life?
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