Everything to know about electricity OR Wenn de Chuähag eim eis fitzt


[mit deutscher Zusammenfassung] I’ve been growing up in a small village on the countryside. There you still know the animals. Cows, for example. Since people don’t want the cows walking through the village they take certain precautions. They put electric fences around the meadows. My witty mind tells me that there has to be some electricity in those fences, since cows are rather big animals and it probably won’t do if the fence only tickles the cow.
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Agile communication vs Small Talk tactics


[mit deutscher Zusammenfassung] Last week I wrote about Small Talk and about being open to mean it, when you ask someone how they are. This aspect isn’t restricted to small talk. It’s about what agile communication is: Openness and honesty, interaction and authenticity. How can you be all that if your interactions are reduced to superficiality?
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Kommunikation 3.0

Sketch zum Thema Simple Characters

*Picture above: Mischa Demarmels, “Simple Characters” on Sketching Arena

[with english summary] Was ist agile Kommunikation? Was für Ansprüche stellt ein agiles Umfeld an Kommunikation? Welche Werkzeuge kann Kommunikation 3.0 zur Verfügung stellen? Und welche Haltung setzt eine agile Kommunikation bei den Sprecherinnen und Sprechern voraus? Diesen und ähnlichen Fragen gehe ich in meinem Blog nach.
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