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Our world is fast and complex. Our challenges get vast. How about we change our point of view? Instead of asking: “How can I get people to work more efficient and effective?” we could ask:

“What can I personally do so that others like to work with me and so we achieve the potential of best solutions?”

I can…

  • …be on eye-level and respect others,
  • …see others as equivalent,
  • …be open for whatever they may bring into the game and work with them to gain the trust we deserve.

For me communication is the key to all of that.

Agile contexts demand self-organization on a high level. As expert I support people in human interaction and communication and help individuals and teams with their collaboration. I support managers to become servant leaders and consult and coach them in issues of  communication between human beings.

Agile communication…

  • … aligns with agile values, e.g. Scrum values: commitment, courage, focus, openness, and respect.
  • … happens on eye level: dialog partners respect each other on every level and with all their needs
  • … demands of communicators to reflect on themselves constantly: inspect & adapt.

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