Sascha Demarmels – Agile Communication Coach

Since over ten years I work with people from different branches and with different backgrounds. I support them in questions of how to communicate at work and how to improve collaboration.

My focus lies on topics like

  • agile communication, collaboration, self-organization
  • conversation techniques
  • conflict communication
  • diversity & gender
  • comprehensibility

In these areas I am a speaker, too. Also, I work as an instructor and communication coach within various companies. With over ten years of experience as senior lecturer and project leader at several academies I gained some insights in different sectors. My knowledge is based on a university degree in linguistics and communication studies, where I also earned my PHD.

My knowledge in agile contexts are consolidated by courses and certificates such as Scrum (PSMI, PSPO I), Management 3.0, Design Thinking, and Sociocracy 3.0.

My Values

I like to work with different people and companies from various fields. Only by thinking outside the box we can gain a holistic view on challenges and possible solutions. My personal guidelines are respect for others and constant self-reflection.

I am always open for new opportunities to collaborate with others. You’re welcome to contact me!

Feel free to have a look at my profiles in social media: