Cross-Functional Teams and Diversity


Reading about agile, self-organizing teams I often think that diversity isn’t understood to its full potential. The Scrum Guide states that teams have to be cross-functional in order to „have all competencies needed to accomplish the work“ (Schwaber & Sutherland, 2016, p. 5). Most of the time „the work“ is addressed to be software development and testing. Diverse teams can do a lot more than that, as Management 3.0 suggests. But what is diversity?
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Solving problems through language – the ends of communication


[mit deutscher Zusammenfassung] Many problems in the world are misunderstandings. Many things can be solved through communication. Often, simply by talking about a problem you come to a solution. I am used to address many problems with communication. But this goes only so far. I will present some tips to improve difficult communication situations below anyway.
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