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Sascha Demarmels
Dr. Sascha Demarmels

Sascha Demarmels
Agile Communication Coach


Dr. Sascha Demarmels

My focus

  • agile communication
  • conversation techniques
  • conflict communication
  • diversity
  • comprehensibility

In these areas I am a speaker, too. Also, I work as an instructor and communication coach within companies. With over ten years of experience as senior lecturer and project leader at several universities of applied sciences I gaind some insights in different sectors. My knowledge is based on a university degree in linguistics and communication studies.

My knowledge in agile contexts are consolidated by courses and certificates such as Scrum (PSMI, PSPO I), Management 3.0, Design Thinking, and Sociocracy 3.0.

My Values

I like to work with different people and companies from various fields. Only by thinking outside the box we can gain a holistic view on challenges and possible solutions. My personal guidelines are respect for others and constant self-reflection.

I am always open for new opportunities to collaborate with others. You’re welcom to contact me!